Health insurance does not pay for Long Term Care costs!

Medicare does not pay for Long Term Care costs, only partially during the first 100 days.

Do you know someone in a nursing home, assisted living facility or confined to their home?

Are you aware of what the costs of these options are:
  • Nursing Home 9-12,000 monthly;
  • Assisted living facility 4-6,000 monthly;
  • Two shifts (12 hours each) home health aides 10-12,000 monthly at your home

Have you ever considered if you ever become ill or had an accident and weren’t able to take care of yourself what would you do?

Have you considered that you worked so hard to accumulate your assets and how fast they would be depleted if you should unfortunately become ill or have an accident?

There is a better solution, rather than taking unnecessary risk you can purchase a policy to provide the protection you need at fraction of the out of pocket cost and provide protection for you and your assets.

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